They are named after gay icons like Judy Garland and

Judy Garland: Inspiration & Icon

Our meanness and judgment made room for a rush of sympathy and self-deprecation when she suddenly, comically claimed us - 'You're all my babies. Makeup would be adjusted; subtle changes in lighting or camera angles would be tried. In the late s, when the mainstream media rarely acknowledged the existence of homosexuality, articles about Judy Garland sometimes functioned as vehicles for the aggressive derision of gay men.

The Gumm family would regularly be forced to leave town owing to her father's illicit affairs with other men, and from time to time they would be reduced to living out of their automobile. She was off the pills, looking good, and working well. October 26,

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they are named after gay icons like Judy Garland and

July 12, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved February 14, Later on in the night, Garland finds herself at Stan and Dan's apartment, learning all about the challenges faced by gay people in London at a time where homosexuality meant persecution.

They are named after gay icons like Judy Garland and
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