The gay agenda in Kenya has been left at the

A right that parents here in America gave up a long time ago. I like the Russian attitude toward the sad affliction of homosexuality. See, you can make a difference! Not even if it has terrible consequences and undermines society. It is clear that the distorted definition of "tolerance" has many dangerous implications, and unless society stands up for what is right, we will increasingly find ourselves with fewer and fewer freedoms.

And who cares?

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  • Why do gays think that the whole world has to accept them.
  • More than eight times likely to have attempted suicide,. The interesting thing is the screeching from a small minority of people lgbt and how much attention it gets.
  • I posted the following several hours ago.
The gay agenda in Kenya has been left at the

Intersex people face stigma, discrimination, and violence in Kenya, including mutilation and non-consensual medical interventions, and difficulties in obtaining documentation. In a significant win for human rights in Kenya, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the use of forced anal examinations by the state is unlawful.

In East Africa, Rwanda is a lone legal bright spot for gay rights, though Kenya is showing signs of change.

The gay agenda in Kenya has been left at the
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