Russia excludes all gay and lesbian people

Total integration and transformation costs and special items impacting net income loss , net of tax. See attachment C for reconciliations. The crackdown on the LGBT community coincides with a general oppression of civil-society groups.

Provision for uncollectible accounts. Three Indian surrogates, implanted with the embryos of wealthy Westerners, live together in this room in a Mumbai ghetto, rented by the clinic Surrogacy India.

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  • Those legal scholars, who believed that consensual homosexuality should not be a crime, argued that it was a disease, which had to be dealt with by medical knowledge.
  • In an open letter published this week, Val Mendeleev, the head of the SPI group, condemned the Russian government for "limiting the rights of the LGBT community" and noted that the Russian state has no ownership or control of the brand, which is produced in Latvia. Constitutionally banned since [51].
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  • In the late s some Soviet jurists attempted to decriminalise consensual sodomy. Soviet dissidents and their groups list.

The Bolsheviks also rescinded Tzarist legal bans on homosexual civil and political rights - especially in the area of state employment. On 16 May, the Moscow Pride timed to coincide with Moscow's hosting of the Eurovision song contest finals was broken up by police, with all 30 participants — including British human rights activist Peter Tatchell — arrested.

Some 13 Orthodox opposers were held by police for violent actions against protesters. BBC News. The graph below shows incidents of violence against LGBT people in different towns and cities of Russia. After Stalin died in , he was replaced by Nikita Khrushchev , who proceeded to liberalize the Stalin era laws regarding marriage, divorce and abortion, but the anti-gay criminal law remained.

Russia excludes all gay and lesbian people
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