Or back bay those neighborhoods are good to the gays

Zambia's president says 'no to homosexuality'

The areas most popular with gays are the funky Capitol Hill neighborhood, Belltown, Wallingford, Ballard, Fremont, Queen Anne and even the downtown district. Who lives here: Tufts students and professors, young professionals, and entrenched locals who have managed to hang onto their rentals.

For those still unaware, the South End is less and less the residence of gay males; it's mainly professionals now woth some minorities and housing project inhabitants. As public gathering spaces and community hubs like them disappear, our cities become less diverse and less, well, interesting.

By Gay Matchmaker Jacqueline Burns July 8

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  • Enter: Mainstream America, wrapped in pink feather boas, and carrying plenty of cash. Most suburbs around here in the Metrowest are most welcoming.
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or back bay those neighborhoods are good to the gays

Can you swing roommates, or does your sanity depend upon the solitude of a studio or one-bedroom? Where your relatives think you live when you say you live in Boston. Photo via Rock Hill Residential Group. Disrupters ranging from the Internet to market and cultural forces have already mortally wounded many of the institutions that support subcultures, from alt-weekly newspapers RIP, Boston Phoenix to indie music venues.

Or back bay those neighborhoods are good to the gays
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