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  • So's fellow Slayer Satsu.
  • I'm a cheerful guy, hot and steamy, ready to please you. Depending on how you complete his quest, he may even suit up in his father's old Power Armor to join in on the battle of Hoover Dam.
  • Niles is a borderline Game-Breaker since he's one of the very few archers in the Nohr side, Rhajat is a Lady of Black Magic in training and even more so if she's given a mother capable of drawing out her potential. There are so many characters who can kick some serious ass and yet are attracted to the same sex.
  • He's introduced grieving over his lost husband. A Brother's Price has Cira, who had a relationship with a woman at least once, went undercover, disguising as criminal to find out who murdered her father and elder sisters, and rescues her newly wed husband, who hasn't yet met her.
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Gay bodybuilder gay undertale furry pokemon sex gay gay anime
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